MECM20003 Net Communications
Semester 2, 2012

The media continues to move online and networks are now formed through the internet than any other medium. Relationships are built via the net – social media spaces, forums – which demonstrate the social change of interaction and communication.

Technology has, and continues to enhance and upgrade our daily lives. It has forced many industries to change their structure and take into consideration the power and impact of technology. Such industries include the film and television industry.

Film and TV is one the most common sources of entertainment in the modern world today, and they are both accessible, quick and easy online. However, through this platform of media convergence, the audience and consumers have more power and control over what they watch, and their interaction with scriptwriters and filmmakers has become more personal and interactive. This new space offers freedom of speech and many people around the world today (like me) use this unlimited online space (blogs) to express their feelings and thoughts on what they watch and consume for entertainment.


One response to “About

  1. awajcman

    Film and TV definitely infiltrates the modern world today- homes, cinemas, buses, waiting rooms. One way I have power over what I watch is through phone-in voting systems such as those on The Voice of Australian Idol. I love having this control over the media, no matter how small or insignificant it may be. In fact, when we think about it deeply, it is not so insignificant at all. We are potentially altering history with a one phone call.

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