American tv series created by Eric Kripke.
Stars Jared Padalecki as Sam Winchester, and Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester.
Premiered in 2005 and is still in production on its 8th season this year!

What started off to be a TV series that was planned for only 3 seasons has now moved on to its 8th! I don’t know about you guys, but when I heard about it back in May this year, I was quite surprised and impressed at how successful it has been over all these years. I remember watching 5 seasons of Supernatural in a row during the holidays NON-STOP and by the time I caught up with what was showing on TV, I gave up waiting and got over it – stopped midway of season 6. It’s not that I didn’t like it, but the storyline just kept going on and on and complicating everything again. New monsters were introduced along with new characters, therefore, they had to find new ways to kill these monsters and hunt all of them down to the alpha – some aspects kept going in circles. Also, after the death of Bobby Singer, it was just never the same. It’s always sad to see a character leave… 😦

Nevertheless, in terms of cinematography, I have to say that each episode is very well composed, edited and structured. Special effects people would have been very busy every week to put together ‘supernatural’ stuff on screen and make it seem so real. Script writers are so incredibly creative and smart to make sure the story elements are carried throughout the seasons and nothing new is suddenly introduced to keep the narrative flow, but clues and hints were given in previous episodes to lead up to a big BIG climax.

Watching 6 seasons of Supernatural at once has allowed me to see these two actors mature, age and transform over the years of shooting this. Especially Sam – he just suddenly returned to a season MASSIVE, and bulked up!!!

Season 1:
Sam (left) , Dean (Right)
Look how young Sam is here!!

Season 3:

Season 5:

Season 8 (Present):
Look how different he looks!!

Sam’s character has developed so much over the seasons, more than Dean, and his physical transformation also plays a big part in how his character portrays a different personality than it did in season 1. Dean’s character is more stable and stays the same – in a good way 🙂