Pretty Little Liars

American teen drama mystery-thriller tv series.
Stars Troian Bellisario, Ashley Benson, Lucy Hale and Shay Mitchell as Spencer Hastings, Hanna Marin, Ella Montgomery and Emily Fields, respectively.
Premiered in June 2010 and is on its 3rd season this year.

This whole show revolves around the question of “Who is ‘A’?”

After the murder of their friend Alison, these girls have been receiving anonymous texts, emails, calls and messages from ‘A’ who is supposedly a stalker seeking revenge for the damage that Alison left behind while she was alive… It is halfway through its second season, and the audience still knows very little about who ‘A’ is.

The tagline for this show would be something like “you can’t trust anyone” because I swear, every single new character that appears on this show brings that instant feeling of suspicion – “is this person ‘A’ or related to ‘A’?” – but when you see the main characters/one of the girls trusting them, bad news happens, and they keep getting into more trouble. So the question still remains the same… “WHO IS A?!?!?!?!?!”

The suspense in this show is also intense, just like a horror movie. Check this short clip out.

Up until the latest episode, it finally revealed that TOBIE is a member of ‘A’ team along with Mona.. so that makes TWO close friends being an enemy and betrayer to these girls and the constant uneasy feeling is what makes you keep watching this show… Seriously, I was in so much shock, I had to replay a few times to make sure it was Tobie who turned around in the last few seconds of the episode… INTENSE MUCH?!

It is evident that a tremendous amount of time and effort has been spent into the creation and structure of the plot, subplot and narrative in Pretty Little Liars. I mean.. to strategically stretch out the anticipation of who A over a number of episodes and has allowed it to continue strongly onto its third season. Honestly, there were episodes where the dialogue itself was just dragging on time to delay everything so that the audience is still hanging on – which i got so sick of! but i kept watching week after week because the feeling of NOT knowing who A is drove me crazy – so I give credit to the writers. They did an awesome and successful job, at making viewers (young ones – this show’s target audience) to literally cling on to every episode for clues and hints to figure out the mystery of A and his/her motives. Can’t wait to find out more!


My Week With Marilyn

British drama film, 2011
Directed by Simon Curtis
Stars Michelle Williams

This is a film based on two books written by Colin Clark. It depicts the life of Marilyn Munroe during the shoot of 1957 film, The Prince and the Showgirl. Instead of watching films that star Marilyn herself, this film reveals many aspects of her as a person through the eyes of Clark as he had spent a week escorting her around London. Despite her flawless beauty and method acting skills, the character of Marilyn Munroe is shown to be very insecure, unstable and sensitive in this film. Although the whole world admired her, the smile she puts on infront of cameras does not always reflect her happiness and in fact does a great job at hiding what’s truly going on in her life. This film reveals the struggles she faced in her marriage life with Arther Miller, who leaves London after an argument.

The personal life of Marilyn Munroe wasn’t as glamorous as it seemed to the eyes of the public and I imagine the same for all other famous celebrities in the world today. Having to put up with paparazzi, fans and directors etc, the stress would be enormous. The major insecurity of Marilyn Munroe was that she could not trust many people, or anyone for that matter, and she always feared people’s intentions.
“Are you on my side or theirs?” – Marilyn Munroe (Williams)
She thought no one really understood her besides her acting coach Paula. However, the moment Colin Clark met her, he fell in love and did whatever she asked to prove to her that he is on her side and genuinely cares about her. He comforted her when she struggled to portray her character on set and this meant a lot to the fragile person of Marilyn Munroe.

No other actress could have done a better job than Michelle Williams. I think in some ways, the authentic gentleness and timidity of Michelle herself helped her portray Marilyn’s character perfectly.

Real Marilyn Munroe:

Amazing physical portrayal.
The soft voice, the shyness, the beauty, the charisma… all is well developed and reflected in Michelle’s acting – it’s like as if she never had to ‘act’ for this film. Stunning performance.

Historic films that tell the story of a celebrity is always intriguing and fascinating to experience. Instead of photographs and reading about them, seeing them on screen as a person, who they really were when no cameras are around is meaningful and always contrasts with you initially thought of them. I honestly thought Marilyn Munroe would be the outgoing, confident and loud type of girl but this film depicts a very sensitive and depressing side of her life, which has changed my perspective of her forever and I will thank this film for it.