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The Vampire Diaries

American supernatural drama tv series created by Kevin Williamson
Stars Nina Dobrev, Paul Wesley, and Ian Somerhalder
Premiered in September 2009 and awaits the fourth season in October 2012 this year!

Since Twilight, there seems to be a trend of vampires and wolves appearing on screen. TV shows like ‘True Blood’, ‘Teen Wolf’ and many more have successfully captured the youth’s interest and provided them with an ongoing source of entertainment with the fantasy nature of supernatural creatures. In particular, ‘The Vampire Diaries’ has been dominating the ratings and popularity all over the world – probably because of their unbelievably, irresistible attracting cast!!

Based on the book series by L.J. Smith, this tv series journeys through the life of Elena Gilbert, a high school girl who falls in love with Stephan Salvatore – who has his own secrets (like, being a vampire and is 162 years old!!). And so the drama and story starts from there. As they develop their relationship, many other characters come into the plot, cause issues and  digs up history for it to develop into the complicated life of Elena Glibert.

The love triangle between the Salvatore brothers and Elena seems to be the core aspect of the series, and this romance causes everything else to occur in the show, both good and bad. Elena is one lucky girl. Damon Salvatore (older brother of Stephan) is also in love with her but has kept it a secret to himself – only the audience knows and admires his character for it. He also compelled Elena to forget their first meeting which was before Elena meeting Stephan; which is Elena’s reason to stay with Stephan and denying her feelings for Damon, so what I’m all anticipating now is: what will she do when she remembers everything once she becomes a vampire????!!!! At the end of Season 3, we see Elena die, however we also find out that she has been fed vampire blood right before she dies, so therefore she comes back alive as a VAMPIRE!! and like usual, thats how the season ends and fans (like me) are counting down the days for season FOUR to start on the 18th of October!!

Questions like, ‘When Elena remembers all those times Damon has compelled her to forget after confessing his love for her, what will she do, who will she choose?????’
‘What kind of vampire will she be? Is she going to remain a vampire or allow herself to die before completing the full transition????’

We shall soon find out! 🙂


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