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Match Point

Comedy-drama thriller film, 2005
Directed by Woody Allen
Stars Jonathan Rhys Myers, Scarlett Johanson

Another great Woody Allen film, but I gotta say, it’s very different to the other movies he’s made before this – this is not a typical woody allen film.

This film opens the eyes and doors to the British upper class life, which is very contrasting to the upper class of America, hence did not receive high ratings in Britain than the States. I find it very traditional to see tennis as the sport of socialism amongst rich families and we see this in many many movies, especially in this one. I love it how the cliche love triangle happens on the tennis court when the sister of Tom has an eye on Chris (Jonathan Rhys Myers), and later Chris meets Tom’s fiancee (Scarlett Johanson) and has an affair. But I’m guessing all men on the planet would leave their girlfriends or wives if it was Scarlett Johanson, right? Even I find her beautiful… especially with a glare like this:

One word: irresistible.

The ‘drama’ in this film revolves around this one character’s (Chris) motives and actions. His mind is complicated and his intentions are so unclear. Everything is in head. One minute you see him fall in love at first sight with Nola, but the next, you see him be faithful to his commitment to Chloe and even marries her although his heart was not fully in love. Obviously, money plays a role. Chloe’s family is extremely wealthy and her father gave him a job and supported his business – something Nola could never offer. But then we see the flip side of how Chloe couldn’t have a baby and Nola gets knocked up straight away when they have an affair. Big twist.

Given his sweet, gentle and charming vibe, no one would expect him to do what he did. For those who have seen it, you know what I mean right? And for those who have yet to see it, this film is full of surprises! Not sure how far a man would go to resolve his problems but Woody Allen sure made an impression on his audience that his characters will go really far and can be deceiving. Perhaps he is reflecting British men and their ruthless nature ? Who knows. I’ve never been close with a british guy to know.

What I really find interesting about this film is the idea of ‘luck’. Some characters seem to have amazing luck and get away with anything they do, others have extremely bad luck when they’ve done nothing wrong. I guess that’s life.
For example, Chloe – married to the man of her dreams, money is never a problem and after many years of trying, finally conceives a baby, and husband does not leave her for the woman of HIS dreams – LUCKY!
Chris – married to a girl who comes from a great wealthy family and welcomes him as their own son, gives him a job, a business and supports him. He ends up murdering 2 people, but gets away with it purely with luck as well as his cleverness – LUCKY!
Nola – Falls out of love with Tom (Chloe’s older sister) and falls in love with Chris. Has an affair with him and becomes pregnant. Chris begins to lie to her and chooses Chloe over her and her baby – UNLUCKY
Mrs. Eastby – Neighbours with Nola, gets murdered for just knowing and seeing Chris and Nola together – UNLUCKY
Homeless Drug Addict – Randomly picks up a ring he finds on the streets and is then suspected of the murder of Mrs. Eastby – UNLUCKY

With a twisted plot, we are exposed to the wealthy nature of European people and their lifestyles – how different is it to the American? Maybe that’s what the directer intends to point out through this film…


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