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Desperate Housewives

American comedy mystery series created by Marc Cherry
Stars Teri Hatcher, Felicity Huffman, Marcia Cross and Eva Longoria
Premiered in October 2004, and its final season (EIGHTH) ended this year in May 2012!

Who thought the life in the suburban could be this exhilarating….

Desperate housewives, brought to you by the 4 suburban wives, Bree, Lynette, Susan and Gabrielle, the show covers what goes on in the midst of our most every day lives, covering the aspect of love, marriage, divorce, children, death, lying and mysteries in an entertaining and captivating way. Through the stereotypical characteristics of each housewife – resembling neighbours and people in our own lives – so many underlying messages are explored and I honestly learn a lot from this show!

I think for this show, now that it has officially finished, it’s important to know the characters and it’s such a great journey to watch each character grow and develop throughout the seasons. Developing a character through dialogue and camera angles is one of the greatest skills to movie-making, and I’d like to take a note of how well this show has achieved that

Lets start with Bree. Bree is probably the most elegant housewife in the show. She is extremely domesticated and cannot have anything out of order. She lives the ‘right’ life and is portrayed to be the perfect housewife. She loves to cook and bake, and her form of gratitude toward others would be through her food. She is also conservative, and can become too ‘anal’ with things that you either love or you find extremely annoying. Everything has to be perfect, and when her son went through his rebellious years, Bree’s pride was broken and she truly humbled herself to not judge other naughty kids in the neighbourhood. Bree deeply cares about her friends and no matter what, she remains loyal, and is protective over those she loves.

Lynette is a mother of 5 kids, including twin boys. Her and her husband struggled a lot raising the children up, and we know right from episode 1, she has the upperhand in the marriage. Her strong-willed nature is something that continually caused issues in their marriage life, and her husband is very submissive to her dominance. Lynette is also very smart and seems to know-it-all about everyone else’s lives. However, she is all about family. Family comes first regardless. That’s what I love about her. As annoying as she gets with her stubbornness, her intentions are always good and clear.

Susan is the sweet and young mother of a teenager. She is clumsy and clueless. She may be brunette, but she’s one of those typical blondes. You either love her or hate her. Her airy-fairyness tends to create drama every now and then which makes her an entertaining character. She is NOT domesticated, she can’t cook (although she tries, she fails miserably) and her young spirit is evident through her relationship, or should I say, friendship with her daughter. Through her divorce, her daughter had to raise her up and ‘mother’ her – switched roles – and Susan is one of those people who aren’t afraid to show others that she is weak, which of course gains the audiences’ sympathy.

Lastly, Gabby is the fun and spoilt housewife. She loves her designer goods and no matter how broke her husband may be, she still expects expensive gifts from him. She is honest, too honest at times and always speaks her mind although it may sound bad – but she says them in a funny way that you can never hate her for saying such things. She is very sexual and witty and has her way of getting what she wants. As flighty as she seems, her love for her husband is genuine and although she absolutely NEVER wanted to have kids, she ends up having 2 beautiful daughters who she dedicates her life to. It’s such a positive development in her character that you fall in love with her more!

These characters only exist on screen, but it honestly feels like I know them personally. The emotional attachment to characters (especially the ones from TV shows with many seasons) is always a good sign to say that the producers have done their job at making this story/narrative as real as possible to the audience. Especially with Desperate Housewives, for 8 seasons you watch these characters and analyse them based on what’s given to you visually and you will start entering into their world of Wisteria Lane.

If I had to choose just one thing I take from this show, it would have to be: Love the ones that are around you unconditionally.


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