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My contribution so far…

Does blogging have any influence on filmmakers and tv producers…?

This is the first blog I have ever created and I didn’t hesitate to base it on reviews of films and tv shows I enjoy to watch. Surely you all have something in life you’re really passionate about and it’s so uncontainable that you can’t help talking about it to other people. Blogging gave me the opportunity to express my uncontainable passion for films and tv shows, and I really recommend everyone to try it out too!

As you can see, one of my greatest passion lies in the industry of films and tv shows – especially American quality ones! With this new method of expressionism (blogging), ANYONE can post and share with the rest of the world about their own insights on a film or TV show. Forums and blogs are great places for filmmakers, both profession and amateurs to visit, read and take into consideration of the critiques and compliments made about their work by various people around the globe.

Indeed, the wonderful invention of Internet has opened so many doors for citizens (like you and me) to participate and be a part of various social networks and communities. One of the techniques of broadcast television is to engage the audience and allow them to interact with the tv show. This technique, thanks to Internet, has been established online and forums are made for fans to provide feedback and interact with the TV show stars and the actual producers. How personal! Oh, the world of technology… For example, I came across “Barney’s Blog” the other day and did you know that Barney (character from How I Met Your Mother) has a blog for fans to read ? How awesome/funny is that!? His blog posts are quite random and entertaining, go check it out if you like the show! 🙂

Another point I want to make is that, our consumption of watching videos has changed and there seems to be this rise of “watching-in-bed-with-laptop”.

Oh “-and-with-a-meal”…

If this is you, don’t be ashamed… I do this every day and night too 😉 join the club. But the more I think of it, don’t you find it interesting how we have invited the “TV” into the most intimate and private areas of our lives? The living room experience with the TV set is a little old school these days… and although I know nothing can compare to the cinematic experience of a film, it doesn’t stop me from watching movies at home in bed before I sleep instead of going out to the cinemas. Our retention of film and tv has definitely shifted.

Of course I am no qualified critic (yet!) to make any impact on the genius minds of the scriptwriters, however feedback is always important and through this blog, I hope to make a positive contribution to their hard works and share it with you guys 🙂 Who knows, maybe one day they’ll come across my reviews and be encouraged.


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