Desperate Housewives

American comedy mystery series created by Marc Cherry
Stars Teri Hatcher, Felicity Huffman, Marcia Cross and Eva Longoria
Premiered in October 2004, and its final season (EIGHTH) ended this year in May 2012!

Who thought the life in the suburban could be this exhilarating….

Desperate housewives, brought to you by the 4 suburban wives, Bree, Lynette, Susan and Gabrielle, the show covers what goes on in the midst of our most every day lives, covering the aspect of love, marriage, divorce, children, death, lying and mysteries in an entertaining and captivating way. Through the stereotypical characteristics of each housewife – resembling neighbours and people in our own lives – so many underlying messages are explored and I honestly learn a lot from this show!

I think for this show, now that it has officially finished, it’s important to know the characters and it’s such a great journey to watch each character grow and develop throughout the seasons. Developing a character through dialogue and camera angles is one of the greatest skills to movie-making, and I’d like to take a note of how well this show has achieved that

Lets start with Bree. Bree is probably the most elegant housewife in the show. She is extremely domesticated and cannot have anything out of order. She lives the ‘right’ life and is portrayed to be the perfect housewife. She loves to cook and bake, and her form of gratitude toward others would be through her food. She is also conservative, and can become too ‘anal’ with things that you either love or you find extremely annoying. Everything has to be perfect, and when her son went through his rebellious years, Bree’s pride was broken and she truly humbled herself to not judge other naughty kids in the neighbourhood. Bree deeply cares about her friends and no matter what, she remains loyal, and is protective over those she loves.

Lynette is a mother of 5 kids, including twin boys. Her and her husband struggled a lot raising the children up, and we know right from episode 1, she has the upperhand in the marriage. Her strong-willed nature is something that continually caused issues in their marriage life, and her husband is very submissive to her dominance. Lynette is also very smart and seems to know-it-all about everyone else’s lives. However, she is all about family. Family comes first regardless. That’s what I love about her. As annoying as she gets with her stubbornness, her intentions are always good and clear.

Susan is the sweet and young mother of a teenager. She is clumsy and clueless. She may be brunette, but she’s one of those typical blondes. You either love her or hate her. Her airy-fairyness tends to create drama every now and then which makes her an entertaining character. She is NOT domesticated, she can’t cook (although she tries, she fails miserably) and her young spirit is evident through her relationship, or should I say, friendship with her daughter. Through her divorce, her daughter had to raise her up and ‘mother’ her – switched roles – and Susan is one of those people who aren’t afraid to show others that she is weak, which of course gains the audiences’ sympathy.

Lastly, Gabby is the fun and spoilt housewife. She loves her designer goods and no matter how broke her husband may be, she still expects expensive gifts from him. She is honest, too honest at times and always speaks her mind although it may sound bad – but she says them in a funny way that you can never hate her for saying such things. She is very sexual and witty and has her way of getting what she wants. As flighty as she seems, her love for her husband is genuine and although she absolutely NEVER wanted to have kids, she ends up having 2 beautiful daughters who she dedicates her life to. It’s such a positive development in her character that you fall in love with her more!

These characters only exist on screen, but it honestly feels like I know them personally. The emotional attachment to characters (especially the ones from TV shows with many seasons) is always a good sign to say that the producers have done their job at making this story/narrative as real as possible to the audience. Especially with Desperate Housewives, for 8 seasons you watch these characters and analyse them based on what’s given to you visually and you will start entering into their world of Wisteria Lane.

If I had to choose just one thing I take from this show, it would have to be: Love the ones that are around you unconditionally.


New Girl

American television sitcom
Stars Zooey Deschanel, Jake Johnson, Max Greenfield, Lamorne Morris and Hannah Simone
Premiered in September 2011 and just started their SECOND season this year in September!

Literally one of the funniest sit-coms I have seen in a while. The quirkiness of Jess’s character is admirable and definitely something different from all other american sitcoms – an alternative to mainstream humour and catch phrases. Plus, if you’re like me and have a weird sense of humour, who laughs at odd things that others dont pick up on, you will absolutely LOVE this show.

I love the opening – short, simple and captures everything of Jess and the general feel of the show. Check it out!

The more you watch this show, you begin to wonder if Zooey’s real personally is actually portrayed through the character of Jess. That is how different the character is from all other shows, and you see this right from the beginning. It’s amusing to see how her innocent, weird and funny personality gradually blends in with the 3 guys she lives with – Nick, Schmidt, and Winston . They too are also  unique and exaggerated, but become more relatable.

The storyline and plot are rather simple, and solutions to the problems that occur are relatively easy to achieve at the end of each episode. I think it’s rather their interactions with one another that bring the awkward humorous moments for us to enjoy and how some characters begin to change and join in to do ridiculous things (mostly for Jess). For example, at a wedding they go to, this show has upgraded the chicken dance to a whole new level!!!

Seriously, anyone who watches this show – any episode – won’t regret it. It’s fresh, sweet and endearing, awkward most of  the times but enjoyable, and easy to follow.

The Vampire Diaries

American supernatural drama tv series created by Kevin Williamson
Stars Nina Dobrev, Paul Wesley, and Ian Somerhalder
Premiered in September 2009 and awaits the fourth season in October 2012 this year!

Since Twilight, there seems to be a trend of vampires and wolves appearing on screen. TV shows like ‘True Blood’, ‘Teen Wolf’ and many more have successfully captured the youth’s interest and provided them with an ongoing source of entertainment with the fantasy nature of supernatural creatures. In particular, ‘The Vampire Diaries’ has been dominating the ratings and popularity all over the world – probably because of their unbelievably, irresistible attracting cast!!

Based on the book series by L.J. Smith, this tv series journeys through the life of Elena Gilbert, a high school girl who falls in love with Stephan Salvatore – who has his own secrets (like, being a vampire and is 162 years old!!). And so the drama and story starts from there. As they develop their relationship, many other characters come into the plot, cause issues and  digs up history for it to develop into the complicated life of Elena Glibert.

The love triangle between the Salvatore brothers and Elena seems to be the core aspect of the series, and this romance causes everything else to occur in the show, both good and bad. Elena is one lucky girl. Damon Salvatore (older brother of Stephan) is also in love with her but has kept it a secret to himself – only the audience knows and admires his character for it. He also compelled Elena to forget their first meeting which was before Elena meeting Stephan; which is Elena’s reason to stay with Stephan and denying her feelings for Damon, so what I’m all anticipating now is: what will she do when she remembers everything once she becomes a vampire????!!!! At the end of Season 3, we see Elena die, however we also find out that she has been fed vampire blood right before she dies, so therefore she comes back alive as a VAMPIRE!! and like usual, thats how the season ends and fans (like me) are counting down the days for season FOUR to start on the 18th of October!!

Questions like, ‘When Elena remembers all those times Damon has compelled her to forget after confessing his love for her, what will she do, who will she choose?????’
‘What kind of vampire will she be? Is she going to remain a vampire or allow herself to die before completing the full transition????’

We shall soon find out! 🙂

Pretty Little Liars

American teen drama mystery-thriller tv series.
Stars Troian Bellisario, Ashley Benson, Lucy Hale and Shay Mitchell as Spencer Hastings, Hanna Marin, Ella Montgomery and Emily Fields, respectively.
Premiered in June 2010 and is on its 3rd season this year.

This whole show revolves around the question of “Who is ‘A’?”

After the murder of their friend Alison, these girls have been receiving anonymous texts, emails, calls and messages from ‘A’ who is supposedly a stalker seeking revenge for the damage that Alison left behind while she was alive… It is halfway through its second season, and the audience still knows very little about who ‘A’ is.

The tagline for this show would be something like “you can’t trust anyone” because I swear, every single new character that appears on this show brings that instant feeling of suspicion – “is this person ‘A’ or related to ‘A’?” – but when you see the main characters/one of the girls trusting them, bad news happens, and they keep getting into more trouble. So the question still remains the same… “WHO IS A?!?!?!?!?!”

The suspense in this show is also intense, just like a horror movie. Check this short clip out.

Up until the latest episode, it finally revealed that TOBIE is a member of ‘A’ team along with Mona.. so that makes TWO close friends being an enemy and betrayer to these girls and the constant uneasy feeling is what makes you keep watching this show… Seriously, I was in so much shock, I had to replay a few times to make sure it was Tobie who turned around in the last few seconds of the episode… INTENSE MUCH?!

It is evident that a tremendous amount of time and effort has been spent into the creation and structure of the plot, subplot and narrative in Pretty Little Liars. I mean.. to strategically stretch out the anticipation of who A over a number of episodes and has allowed it to continue strongly onto its third season. Honestly, there were episodes where the dialogue itself was just dragging on time to delay everything so that the audience is still hanging on – which i got so sick of! but i kept watching week after week because the feeling of NOT knowing who A is drove me crazy – so I give credit to the writers. They did an awesome and successful job, at making viewers (young ones – this show’s target audience) to literally cling on to every episode for clues and hints to figure out the mystery of A and his/her motives. Can’t wait to find out more!


American tv series created by Eric Kripke.
Stars Jared Padalecki as Sam Winchester, and Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester.
Premiered in 2005 and is still in production on its 8th season this year!

What started off to be a TV series that was planned for only 3 seasons has now moved on to its 8th! I don’t know about you guys, but when I heard about it back in May this year, I was quite surprised and impressed at how successful it has been over all these years. I remember watching 5 seasons of Supernatural in a row during the holidays NON-STOP and by the time I caught up with what was showing on TV, I gave up waiting and got over it – stopped midway of season 6. It’s not that I didn’t like it, but the storyline just kept going on and on and complicating everything again. New monsters were introduced along with new characters, therefore, they had to find new ways to kill these monsters and hunt all of them down to the alpha – some aspects kept going in circles. Also, after the death of Bobby Singer, it was just never the same. It’s always sad to see a character leave… 😦

Nevertheless, in terms of cinematography, I have to say that each episode is very well composed, edited and structured. Special effects people would have been very busy every week to put together ‘supernatural’ stuff on screen and make it seem so real. Script writers are so incredibly creative and smart to make sure the story elements are carried throughout the seasons and nothing new is suddenly introduced to keep the narrative flow, but clues and hints were given in previous episodes to lead up to a big BIG climax.

Watching 6 seasons of Supernatural at once has allowed me to see these two actors mature, age and transform over the years of shooting this. Especially Sam – he just suddenly returned to a season MASSIVE, and bulked up!!!

Season 1:
Sam (left) , Dean (Right)
Look how young Sam is here!!

Season 3:

Season 5:

Season 8 (Present):
Look how different he looks!!

Sam’s character has developed so much over the seasons, more than Dean, and his physical transformation also plays a big part in how his character portrays a different personality than it did in season 1. Dean’s character is more stable and stays the same – in a good way 🙂